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Balinese Décor

If your taste is for a wonderful and inspiring wall and general décor, then Balinese décor is your best bet. It is an idea that brings a whole lot of craftsmanship, plenty of colors, and an ode of nature. Deriving its inspiration from the Bali island, with its incomparable beauty, you will never go wrong by choosing the Balinese décor options. With tons of beautiful inspirations on the best ideas of home décor, the Balinese décor will be a real gem for you.

Bringing Bali to your home

It will always be the best idea for bringing Bali to your home with some of its wonderful décor ideas. For instance, you will create the ideal patio with a hand-carved wood bench for your outdoor. It could also be borne from an idea of a lovely natural basket, a hat, or even a pendant light hanging on the wall. The add-ons will give your home a warm and cozy touch.

How about the stunning outdoor Balinese bathrooms in your compound? Honestly, this would be a dream bathroom for most of us. You will fall for it instantly. In fact, you won’t believe at how obsessed you will be with the peaceful and relaxed aura it commands. It is such a tropical gem for your family and even guests.

To achieve a total touch and feel, let us look at other great ideas of zen-ifying your home.

Guide to Zen-ifying Your Home with Bali Inspirations

The first step to zen-ifying your home is to make sure that all your personal surroundings are clean, well-organized, and clutter free. Regardless of your locality, there is always a better way of redecorating your home with a touch of Balinese style. In fact, it is the next big thing for you with the chance of translating the laid-back surf culture and the Bali island’s rejuvenating energy into your interior design.

Taking the Bali essence into your home needs more and a better blend of influences from culture and nature. Luckily, there are some critical elements that you can start with. To begin with, you have the greenery aspect. When you allow the outdoors to harmonize and blend in with the indoors, you will have taken the first step to channel the serenity of a paradise such as of Bali into your home walls.

If your locality’s climate allows, then you can have both the interior and exterior specs qualified by tropical foliage such as bamboo, ferns, palms, and monster, or banana leaves. If you are more ambitious, you can have the option of installing a living wall.

If you are not so positive about the survival of your flora, then you can opt for art prints, wallpapers, or silk plants. These options will give you a burst of leafy greens without the worry of them fading to brown so quickly.

If you desire a more advanced feel, go for wood paneling.

Wood Wall Paneling

A wall panel can be defined as a single piece of material, typically flat and cut into a rectangular shape. It usually serves as the visible covering for a wall, either for the indoor or outdoor décor.

Wood wall paneling is based on the incorporation of coverings that are constructed from rigid or semi-rigid components. The components are often made of wood products or the wood itself. Generally, the paneling coverings are characterized by wood that interlocks, plastic, or any other material that is fit for redecorating looks.

This type of paneling is mainly beneficial for buildings that are made of stone or other porous materials. However, paneling is typically taken as a decorating component as well as for insulation purposes.

There exist some wood wall paneling types that are primarily for styling or decorative purposes. As many as they are, they also vary in regard to design and ornateness. Even though the wood paneling looks have changed in the recent past, some styles are still significantly lingering on designs and cultures.

What are the Benefits of Wood Wall Paneling

Wooden wall paneling presents an aesthetic and elegant look for your home. You will enjoy a more magnificent and luxurious look, status upgrade, and elegance combined into one. With different ideas, mainly halfway or full height, you can explore what makes you happy. The half-cut paneling offers spacing for seats to avoid scratching the wall while at the same time, it complements the décor. The full height, on the other hand, presents a more spacious, dignified, and pleasant look.

Wood wall paneling also creates a better chance with thermal insulation. As wood is a natural insulator, the paneling ensures you have a proper regulation of temperatures in and out of your house. For you, adverse cold or intense heat will never be issues of concern.

Wood wall paneling also reduces noise pollution. With wood, you will not have to worry about what noise is coming in or out. You will have a serene resting place after a tough day at work with reduced unpleasant sounds that may bother you. With such an acoustic comfort in your home, you could never ask for better treatment.

With such paneling, you can be assured of a modular replacement in case of anything. The panel is easy to replace if the surface gets disfigured or damaged. This also allows the panel to be replaced without disturbing or touching the remaining wall or the remaining space of the paneling.

Also, wood wall panels come from wood trusted in creating a clean surface reflecting a pleasant view as well as a soft touch. When you compare it with tiled walls, then you would notice that wood panels have no plastering lines. The plastering lines are known to accumulate dirt as well as discolor with time, something that you will never come into contact with on your wood paneling.

Wood paneling is a great component if you need to conceal flaws. Various unattractive features and flaws like loose wires and cables are well concealed from the eyes of your guests. With some proper wood paneling and planning, you will have a complete reflection of serenity without flaws here and there. You can attest to it that such a feature is never available with paint or wallpaper.

What are the Cons of Wood Wall Paneling

With the wall panels having been crafted from timber, you risk running the negative impact of water. As they are not water resistant, you can never be assured of their service, especially if they are hit by the rain, or there is any water infiltration. Whenever they get into contact with water, rotting starts, and this is highly visible on the timber. If this happens, then you will be forced to sand down or do a complete replacement of the panel. This will, however, depend on how bad the situation is.

If you have an incompetent installer, it might not be easy for you to make any dimensional change. It will also end up creating deformations that lead to bending and swelling of the panels. This happens mostly if the installation was not done correctly. 

Another con is that wood paneling requires constant maintenance and at regular intervals. This is because the paneling loses the natural moisture considerably especially if subjected to dry conditions. To retain the moisture, you will have to maintain regular maintenance with the correct application of special products. This is definitely not cheap at the end of the day, right?

We all love to change our interiors and exteriors once in a while. With wood paneling, this will present a disadvantage if we need to change some portions. If the wood paneling is dated, that is, it is not so current, then it will not fit well with the modern panel, which is most likely what you would want to go for.


All in all, we have to live with changes in paneling and in the bigger picture, décor. If you desire a better, more up to date, and long-lasting décor, you now know what to go for. The contemporary ideas keep the home in its intended look and feel. However, as there are old designs and ideas that still top the list of the most sought-after ideas, you should never run short of ideas.

Take the chance now and redo the appeal of your home. Remember to have everything cleaned and organized prior. All your personals spaces, be it at the office, car, or home should be clutter-free before you begin the paneling. This gives you a seamless surface for the application of the panel. Do not forget to invite nature to supplement what you are creating. If it’s the outdoor, plants, crystals, and rocks will create a great complementary look. Also, remember to keep everything balanced when you incorporate aspects of every element at play. Do not forget to let your inner voice guide you as you know what is best for you, better than anyone else.

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