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Our Top 5 Essential Oils

Here at Aromatherapy Family, we house lots of lovely little jars of healing that work their magic for all sorts of different reasons.

The amazing health benefits to our essential oil products are endless, so we wanted to make it a little bit easier for you if you are on the look out for some of the best! Different essential oil products are designed to support your natural healing system, in just a drop. 

Have a read if you’re in need of some brilliant herbal remedies that are perfectly safe to use, with our top five fave essential oil products.


Lots of people around the world are now turning to a more natural and holistic approach when it comes to their health care and wellbeing. Using natural remedies to heal our bodies and minds means we have no need to worry about any unwanted side affects that other medicines can provide.

Aromatherapy has been used as a healer for centuries as an alternative to other medicines. They have effective results for various ailments that are totally safe for our physical and psychological health.

Aromatherapy oils are extracts of natural oils from certain plants, that are then distilled, and can be absorbed into the skin and lungs. Different essential oil remedies are useful for different things such as, helping you get a better nights sleep or having a calming affect on those who suffer with anxiety and depression. The oils trigger a response in our brains, sending healing to our bodies.


Lavender Oil

Our essential lavender oil is one of our favourite oils for the simple reason, it has a whole host of beneficial qualities for your own personal wellbeing, and it is also a great addition for its fragrance around the home.  

Native to: Northern Africa/Mediterranean


Lavender Oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities which can aid in healing minor burns and bug bites.

It is known for its calming uses in treating anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and depression.  

Lavender extract is hugely common within skin care and beauty products. In addition to it’s lovely fragrance that can be found in hair products, it has been known to help with hair loss and purifying the skin.


Calm – Rub into temples, wrists, feet (or anywhere on the skin) to have a calming effect on the body.

Sleep – Rub a drop into your palms and add a drop to your pillow to help you sleep.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is another one of our best loved essential oil products here at Aromatherapy Family. It is a fast growing ever green tree that has many beneficial qualities. Eucalyptus oil can be found in many products and has been used around the world for thousands of years, for all sorts of healing .

Native to: Australia


Eucalyptus can be found in a range of products that are designed to relieve symptoms of the common cold, sore throat and sinusitis.

Diluted Eucalyptus oil can be added to the skin to as a remedy to help skin ulcers and arthritis.

It can also be used as a nourishing treatment for your hair. The active ingredients in Eucalyptus oil stimulate hair follicles to encourage healthy hair growth.


Refocus – Combine 24 drops with 4 oz. of water in a spray bottle. Spritz air space to clear your head and relax.

Haircare – Simply add a few drops into your palms whilst conditioning your hair, and wash out as normal.

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood comes from one of the world’s most valuable trees, it has a classic earthy scent that is brilliant for use around the home. Beyond its wonderful woody smell, it provides some great holistic benefits.

Native to: Eastern India


Sandalwood oil is safe for the skin and provides a lovely softening quality to strengthen damaged skin.

Aromatherapy massages with sandalwood oil can help improve the reduction of stress and anxiety to restore physical health.

Our Sandalwood oil has a traditional, woody based scent which is pleasant for use on the skin or as a diffuser around the home.


Clear skin Make up remover – Mix together 1/2 cup hot water with 1/4 castile soap, then add 2 tbsp coconut oil and 10 drops Sandalwood Essential oil.

Anti – wrinkle Blend – Mix together equal parts Geranium, Sandalwood, LavenderFrankincenseRosemary, and Lemon essential oil and dab onto skin with cotton wool pad.

Frankincense Oil

Native to: Africa/Middle East

Frankincense is also known as Olibanum and is one of the world’s most loved and well known essential oils. The oil itself is resin based and has a very sweet and spicy aroma which is quite the contrast to it’s origins in the dry mountains where it is produced.

Frankincense is a highly important oil when it comes to skin care and of course has numerous other beneficial qualities, including it’s uplifting and calming scent.


Frankincense oil is affective as an antiseptic and its properties can help fight against pathogens. It can also be applied to wounds to prevent them from becoming septic.

It has benefits to oral health issues such as the prevention of bad breath, tooth aches and mouth sores.

Using Frankincense oil around the home is a very effective way to help relaxation and the reduction of stress.


Home use – Simply add a few droplets of Frankincense oil to a oil diffuser of vaporiser to help experience relaxation and the reduction of stress within your home.

Spa Bath – Add a few drops of oil into your hot bath to create similar effects of stress relief.

Clove Leaf Oil

Clove oil is extracted from the dried flower buds of Clove. It has numerous medicinal properties that are mainly used for pain relief. Clove oil has a spicy scent and can also be used as a fragrant and flavouring agent.

Native to: Indonesia  


Clove oil has rejuvenating and stimulating properties which is why it is a brilliant aid when it comes to skin care. For home use, it can be mixed with carrier oils and used as a face wash to lessen the effects of ageing, wrinkles and blemishes.

It can also be affective in relieving the pain of tooth ache, mouth ulcers and sore gums.

Cloves are considered a natural aphrodisiac which can help to improve your sex drive.


Toothache – Dip a clean cotton swab into the oil and then rub into the gums at the point of pain.

Moisture for skin – Simply take a clean rag and add a few drops of clove oil and continue to dab softly on areas of your face, this will help improve baggy eyes and puffy skin.

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